Color Variation:

Website color variations: There is a wide variation in the way color is represented from one monitor to another so please keep in mind that the color you see on your screen is not guaranteed to be an exact representation of the ribbon color.  We do offer a swatch/sample service if you need a sample for color-matching.  Please see how to request samples below.

Dye lot color variations: As is the case with many dyed yard goods, ribbon color may change from dye lot to dye lot.  Our suppliers use multiple factories to manufacture the ribbons on our website.  For this reason there may be color variations from time to time.  Please order carefully since we cannot be responsible for return postage if color variations require a return (we will be happy to accept the return and refund the money for the RIBBON, but we cannot pay the postage for the return).  Thanks for your consideration on this matter.


At Really Reasonable Ribbon we offer a wide selection of ribbon styles at what we consider to be a great value in terms of price and quality, and we offer the same low prices to all of our customers regardless of the size of an order.  We do not manufacture the ribbon, but we buy from a number of national and international sources that offer us a good quality product for a low price, and we pass that savings on to you.  Our profit margin is as LOW as it can be in order for us to remain in business.  For this reason we cannot offer additional discounts on our merchandise, so we ask you to browse our website and respect the prices as indicated for each style.  Many styles have full spool options that result in considerably lower per-yard prices when purchased this way. 

If you have large quantity requirements, please e-mail us so we can send you a special order request form that you can complete and return to us via e-mail.  We will use the information supplied to determine pricing, shipping costs and fulfillment times for your large quantity needs.  Special orders require a 50% deposit which is non-refundable except in cases of ribbon quality or availability issues.  Special orders are also final sale except in the case of poor quality.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration when it comes to these pricing and special order policies.

Methods of Payment:

We accept ONLY MasterCard, Visa, and Discover as payment for orders.  With special arrangements made in advance, we may accept a US Postal Service money order for a domestic purchase shipped to a domestic address (contact us to make arrangements).


Please do not ask us to ship using another carrier; we use the US Postal Service since it is the most convenient, most reliable and most economical for our product.

The shipping/handling fee for your order is calculated based on the weight of your order.

If we can use a Flat Rate Priority shipping container and it saves more than $1.00 over the s/h fee calculated at checkout, we will pass that savings on to you.  If you have selected Priority shipping and the calculated amount seems excessive and you'd like to know what the shipping will be before your order is processed, you can e-mail us with your complete shipping address and contents of your order and we can let you know if we can use a Flat Rate Priority Box to reduce the s/h fee.


Reasonable Ribbon cannot be responsible for the performance of the US Postal Service and cannot be held accountable for delivery times that exceed the delivery time frame supplied by the Postal Service.  *PLEASE NOTE*  During the Covid pandemic, shipping times have increased substantially in many parts of the US.  We have NO control over the time your package is in transit.  We will not replace any shipments for at least one month from shipping date until further notice.

Postal Service Delivery Time and Delivery Delay:

As explained above we make every effort to pack and ship your order quickly but we have NO control over the efficiency of the US Postal Service once your order gets in their hands. Although it doesn't happen regularly, it will sometimes take the Postal Service LONGER to get your order to you than you think it should.

Your order will ship from Pine Island, New York.  Please allow at least 10 business days BEFORE you inquire about your order; we pull, pack and ship your order within TWO business days but cannot determine how long the US Postal Service will take to get your order to you.

Express Mail pricing offered is for regular Express Mail delivery via the USPS which will be either a 1 or 2 day guarantee for delivery depending on your location.  This does NOT include Sunday delivery.  Selecting Express Mail shipping will not ensure that your order ships the same day you order.  We make every effort to ship each order same or next business day, but this is not guaranteed.  

International Shipping and Handling:

We will gladly ship to most countries world-wide.  Any customs fees incurred are the responsibility of the customer upon delivery. 
*PLEASE NOTE* The current pandemic is causing excessive delays in international shipments, sometimes several months.  Please take this in to consideration before purchasing.


Please be advised that Really Reasonable Ribbon cannot, in any way, guarantee delivery of your order once it leaves the US. Although 99% of orders arrive quickly, completely, and in excellent condition, there is occasionally a problem with delivery. There is also the possibility that an order may be pulled for inspection by the customs department in your country. This can delay your order for a lengthy time, but orders do eventually arrive at their destination.  All customs fees due on shipments are the responsibilty of the customer.  All international orders must ship to the purchaser only - no drop shipping for international orders.
At this time with the global pandemic, please be advised that orders shipping outside the USA may experience substantial delays (sometimes up to several months) which we have no control over.  All international orders are at the risk of the purchaser.

Returns and Exchanges:

All ribbon purchased is 100% guaranteed for quality and customer satisfaction (some exceptions apply; please see below). Order errors and quality issues will be dealt with quickly and with customer satisfaction of utmost importance.  We ask that any returns be made within one month of the purchase date.

Cut Ribbon Returns:

See "Returns/Exchanges" page by clicking here.  If a return is necessary for quality reasons, all costs incurred for the return and/or exchange will be reimbursed to the customer and all arrangements can be made via e-mail. Returns due to customer error or "changed-mind" are also gladly accepted, but return postage will be the responsibility of the customer.

Spooled Ribbon Returns:

See "Returns/Exchanges" page by clicking here.  Spooled ribbon is returnable if there are major quality issues found as it is unspooled, but this DOES NOT INCLUDE splices. It has become more frequent to find a 50 or 100 yard spool that is non-continuous; in other words the whole 50 or 100 yard length IS NOT ONE PIECE.  We cannot accept returns for spooled ribbon that is non-continuous; we price the ribbon inexpensively and we ask, in return, that you plan for the possibility you may not have one continuous piece, particularly on a 50 or 100 yard spool of grosgrain.  Ribbon purchased by the spool is otherwise guaranteed for quality.

Sample and Swatch Services:

Really Reasonable Ribbon will be most happy to provide samples of specific ribbons to those domestic customers who need them for matching color. We're sorry but we do not ship samples internationally.  For sample requests, please provide us with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a note indicating which samples are needed. Samples are for color purposes only; we will always send the style and color you request but we do not accept requests for specific WIDTHS.  Samples are mailed back within a maximum of 48 business hours of when we receive the request, and the mailing time is dependent upon postal service performance.  Please allow reasonable time for delivery before contacting us to ask if your samples have been sent.  We also ask you to specify a MAXIMUM OF FIVE SAMPLES PER CUSTOMER (if you request more, we will be forced to select five of the styles to send).  Mailing address for swatch requests is: Really Reasonable Ribbon  PO Box 32, Minoa, NY  13116.

Out of Stock Situations:

Really Reasonable Ribbon will make every effort to have an adequate supply of all ribbon on hand for order fulfillment. On occasion, supply is limited and ribbon is out of stock. We will update the web site as frequently as possible, but there may still be occasions when specific styles cannot be filled as ordered. If this should occur, we will do our best to notify you of the problem but may also ship your order without the unavailable item.  We do not backorder items and ALWAYS delete the cost of the missing item from your order total. We extend our apologies in advance for a situation of this nature.

Color Matching:

Due to variations in monitors, scanners and browsers, we cannot guarantee exact representation of ribbon color viewed online. We are willing to forward samples if necessary (see Sample Service above) and we will be happy to assist with matching ribbon color to fabric, cardstock or other products if needed. Just contact us via e-mail