Wild Orchid Crafts Open Roses White

# 830200
Wild Orchid Crafts Open Roses White

Open Roses from Wild Orchid Crafts in 10, 15, and 20mm sizes.

Beautiful white open roses handmade from fine quality mulberry paper. The flowers have a long, thin, bendy green wire stem that is approximately 2-3/4" long. Please note that the color of white is often not a bright white and sometimes is more of an off-white in some color lots.

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10mm Pkg of 20 -  $2.99
10mm Pkg of 100 -  $12.99
15mm Pkg of 20 -  $3.19
15mm Pkg of 100 -  $13.49
20mm Pkg of 20 -  $3.99
20mm Pkg of 100 -  $17.49